Performance Machine 2013 Print Ad Campaign

Performance Machine was inspired this year by the Art Deco movement of the 1930's Hollywood glamour and attitude as it was the first world impact of American style and culture to enter lifestyle and fashion. While this design was simplistic, powerful and artistic, the era gave means to escape from the hard economic times of the great depression into the Hollywood made movies. Men wanted to be cool and powerful. Women wanted to be beautiful and memorable. Can't we still relate today?

We've taken these ideas into our theme for this year to inspire you to be as cool and powerful as you can be with your motorcycle. Your motorcycle is the means to escape from the pressures of life while adding a little excitement. We celebrate that. Now turn this machine of yours into something beautiful and memorable by adding PM parts. Make your love affair with her a statement of timeless style. Your motorcycle is a performing machine of art and mechanics that begs to have the most stylistic, premium performing parts available in our modern world.

Last year we introduced a lot of new products. It was so fun and well received from you guys that we've done it again this year. The PM designers and engineers have created 16 all new products - a testimate of company success and forward thinking for you. We invite you to look for the "extended family" designations that we have provided throughout the catalog. We have designed these to lead you to the matching or complimentary parts that will help you build your dream piece by piece creating a custom look that speaks to your individuality.

Meet fabulous Ms. Skully. She will talk to you about what it takes to make your motorcycle a strong American icon of style and performance.

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