Xtreme Machine 2015 Catalog (40 pages)

American Advertising Awards - Gold ADDY
GOLD American Advertising Awards

Meet Ms. Lourdes. Her spirit, looks and attitude represent XTREME MACHINE to the T with her free spirit of adventure, bold stance on individuality and the feeling of freedom to choose what you want to be and do in this life. Her 1940’s Bert Grimm inspired tattoo is her personal flag of this strength and freedom that we are talking about in our X-message for this year. This is pretty much a man’s world. However, every now and again there’s a chick like Lourdes who can hang in this family and inspire all of us to be true to who we are as courageous and creative people. What you do in this life is your choice. So ride with us and make it Xciting.

Find Your FREEDOM!

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