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This is the page where I should type out some awesome lyrics from a marketing text book of colorful buzz words like increase client's sales from maximizing exposure with impactful, influential, and strategic visual and copy design. Blah. Blah. Blah. I'll spare you the bullcrap. Just let my Work speak for itself. And those shiny trophies down there might tell you just maybe my stuff is not so bad.


As a Commercial Brand Designer, I am responsible for creating a desire in people for things they don't know they want yet. Brand perseption is everything in the commerce world. And it's my job to make the brand look good and communicate the message with the type of impact to drive sales.

Brand Identity Design

This is about designing the overall brand look and feel. The core of this is the logo - the nose of the brand. Then the brand identity design extends to fonts, colors and other elements that fall inside the branding suite. I gotta say - I absolutely love designing and creating a brand's start-up identity.

Logo Identity Design

Print Design

Some say the value of print media has fallen from reason due to the power of web and the costly nature of printing materials and media buys for prints ads. In my opinion, it's not so black and white. There's a time and place for everything – and every brand has a unique situation to reach its audience. There's nothing more impactful for the brand than a potential customer physically holding a relevant and well-designed catalog, or some other printed piece, and absorbs the products and brand message until they are satisfied. Then they will put that thing down on the coffee table and it stays there for continuous branding. My gosh, print is powerful.

Print Catalog

Web Design

I believe that a brand's website is the core brand experience. While print media has ruled the world for a long time, the new superstar medium is the web with its interactive nature, rich media opportunities, and the ability for the user to be guided to a specific path and result. Add to the complicated nature of web development is the fact mobile usage has now superseded desktop computers nationwide – we have now entered an age where a positive user experience on a phone is mandatory. This is done by designing a website for mobile usage first, then the layout expands as the screens get bigger in size from phone to tablet to desktops. Great things are never to be easy, yet necessary for success.

Website Design


It's all about the WORK.

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So what makes up the Andy Meadors company? There's really three of us - Me, Myself & I. And each one of us is an integral part of this company - like cogs in a watch. It's just me sitting here in front of my computer powered by over 20 years of experience and a million cups of coffee doing what I know and love to do - to make the branding experience positively effective.

His business ethics are honorable, and treats every client like family. He has a diplomatic and honest approach to business communication for a means to get done what needs to be done the right way for a productive, profitable, lasting relationship.

andy meadors

CEO Founder

His ability to visualize creatively for each project is unique and powerful with a strong understanding and delivery of the client's core brand culture, style and message in all creative mediums.

andy meadors

Creative & Copy Director

He's in touch with current style and understands today's technology. Graduating with a bachelors degree in Art, his grasp in the principals of art is beyond most designers.

andy meadors



Dip into my personal foto feed and see for yourself that I live a very fulfilling life with cool adventure and family love.
...And it matters to you as my client because my creativity is a reflection of who I am as a person.


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