So what makes up this andy meadors branding company? There's really three of us - Me, Myself & I. Each one of us is an integral part of this company - like cogs in a watch - offering a turn-key solution to your branding and advertising needs.

So it's just me here in Big Bear City, CA at a computer powered by over 25 years of experience working with large big brands to smaller owner/operator companies. I am just doing what I know to do - to make the visual branding experience impactful and unforgettable to the audience for any company.

andy meadors CEO founder

andy meadors (ME)

CEO Founder

His business ethics are honorable, and treats every client like family. He has a diplomatic and honest approach to business communication for a means to get done what needs to be done the right way for a productive, profitable, lasting relationship.

andy meadors creative director

andy meadors (MYSELF)

Creative Director

His ability to visualize creatively for each project is unique and powerful with a strong understanding and delivery of the client's core brand culture, style and message in all creative mediums.


This is where I should type out some awesome lyrics from a marketing text book litered with colorful buzz words like increase client's sales from maximizing exposure with impactful, influential, and strategic visual and copy design. Blah. Blah. Blah. I'll spare you the bullcrap. Just let my Work speak for itself. And those shiny trophies down there might tell you just maybe my stuff is not so bad.

graphic design in Big Bear, CA

Our services

As a Commercial Brand Designer, I am responsible for creating a desire in people for things they don't know they want yet. Brand perseption is everything in the commerce world. And it's my job to make the brand look good and communicate the message with the type of impact to drive sales.


This is about designing the overall brand look and feel. The core of this is the logo - the nose of the brand. You get one first impression, let's make that impressionable.

Print Media

Print media is a powerful means of telling the story of your product and services. From catalogs to business cards and vehicle wraps - I have done it all 100s of times.

Web Design

I believe that a brand's website is the core brand experience. All my websites are designed in the latest code and styling for a great experience from mobile to desktops.

andy meadors Awards
andy meadors Awards
andy meadors Awards

Concept to Completion

With my multiple personalities of ME (Owner), MYSELF (Creative Director) and I (Designer), we are able to create a concept and roll through to final artwork effectively with efficacy.

creative process

Hit Me Up

Please let me know how I can help your company look cool and succeed.

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